3 grants and new board composition

The board of Ivalo & Minik Fonden has awarded three grants for study purposes abroad. The recipients are:

Hans Peder Kirkegaard has received a grant for one year internship in the United States as a follow-up to his Master Education. The internship is spread over four jobs that are Maine International Trade Center, Rambøll Environ, Eimskip and The Port of Maine.

Majken Djurhuus Poulsen is geologist at GEUS and has in connection with her Ph.D. received a grant to study at “The Gemmological Association of Great Britain” in London, England.

Melisa Larsen graduates as bachelor in Arctic Technology at DTU this summer. She has received a grant to her further studies at “Master of Geographic Information Science” in Minneapolis, USA.

The grants are funded based on donations from Royal Arctic Line A/S, Royal Greenland A/S, GrønlandsBANKEN’s Erhvervsfond and NunaFonden.

Awarding these grants was the last task for the now former board. According to the charter of Ivalo & Minik Fonden a board sits for four-year terms with the possibility of reappointment.

The new board has this composition:

Chairman Minik Rosing (Appointed by Ilisimatusarfik Kalaallit Nunaata Universitetia)

Vice Chairman Juliane Henningsen (Appointed by NunaFonden)

Johan Lund Olsen (Appointed by NunaFonden)

Christian Schønau (Appointed by the Royal Court of The Crown Prince Couple)

Mikael Kristensen (Appointed by the Department for Education)

Johan Lund Olsen has replaced Michael Metz Mørch and Mikael Kristensen has replaced Palle Christiansen. Minik Rosing, Juliane Henningsen and Christian Schønau have all been re-appointed.

Ivalo & Minik Fonden continues to provide grants. Next deadline is 1 October 2016. The new board looks forward to receiving many good applications.

Best Regards
Ivalo & Minik Fonden