New agreements with contributors

Ivalo & Minik Fonden continues the distribution of grants to Greenlandic students who want to improve their skills abroad. This is because NunaFonden, Royal Greenland A/S, Royal Arctic Line A/S and GrønlandsBANKENs Erhvervsfond have decided to continue the financial support.

Chairman of the Board of Ivalo & Minik Fonden Minik Rosing states in this connection:

“I am incredibly happy for the continued support from our contributors. Their continued contribution means that we can continue to give grants to ambitious students who are looking abroad to acquire competencies that they can take home to Greenland for the benefit of our society as a whole.”

Ivalo & Minik Fonden has awarded more than 40 grants since 2014, and the contributors are satsfied with the collaboration.

Jens K. Lyberth, Director of Communications and HR at Royal Greenland A/S, says:
“We are proud to contribute to more young people taking an international education. It is important for the society of which we are a part.”

Ann-Britta A. Olsvig, Chair of the Sponsorship Committee of the Royal Arctic Line A/S, states:
“Royal Arctic Line is pleased to be able to help support young people’s dreams of studying abroad. Together, we must ensure Greenland an increasing level of education for the workforce in the future. ”

Kristian Lennert, chairman of the board of GrønlandsBANKENs Erhvervsfond, says:
“For more than 30 years, we have supported the education area in Greenland. We are pleased that with the support of Ivalo & Minik Fonden, we can contribute to talented students gaining new knowledge by continuing their studies abroad.”

Anders Olsen, chairman of the board of NunaFonden A / S, says:
“Back in 2012, Ivalo & Minik Fonden was founded by NunaFonden with the aim that more Greenlandic education applicants in higher education should travel the world and improve their skills. It has been a success so far, and NunaFonden looks forward to that success continuing for the benefit of Greenlandic society.”

The next grant award will take place in the spring of 2021, and you can still apply, as the deadline for applications is 15 February.