Grants for seven ambitious Greenlanders

Grants from the Ivalo & Minik Foundation have been handed out again. In total, seven grant recipients have received slightly more than DKK 300,000

Royal Greenland. Royal Arctic Line. NunaFonden. The BANK of Greenland’s Business Fund. Financial contributions from these companies and foundations are the reason why Ivalo & Minik Fonden is once again able to support Greenlanders with educational aspirations

“It is our experience that prior to each grant awarding, we receive more and more well-qualified applications, which we are happy about. It’s great that so many people want to improve their dream education away from the familiar and safe environment in Greenland and Denmark,” says Minik Rosing, chairman of the board of Ivalo & Minik Fonden. He continues:

“This time we are giving grants to Greenlanders who want to study in countries such as the Netherlands, England and Australia. We hope that they all learn a lot and that they will come back home to Greenland and use their skills.”

The board of Ivalo & Minik Fonden meets twice a year to distribute grants, and Minik Rosing hopes that the board will receive many and well-qualified applications for the next distribution where the deadline for applications is 15 February 2024.

This autumn’s grants recipients

Victor Langholz has been awarded a grant to study a Master of Science in International Business at HULT International Business School in London, England.

Sigrid Christiansen has received a grant to study a superstructure as a bookbinder at Leksand Folkhögskola in Sweden.

Najârak Demant-Poort has received a grant to study/research for half a year at the Institute for Social Research in Oslo in connection with the preparation of her Ph.D. on Ilisimatusarfik.

Najannguaq Berthelsen has received a grant to further her education as a glacier guide in Iceland.

Edna Lyberth has received a grant to study a semester at the University of Western Australia in Perth in connection with her education in fisheries technology at DTU.

Annika Christiansen has received a grant to study for a semester at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia in connection with her studies in Natural & Cultural heritage at Copenhagen University of Applied Sciences.

Amaasa Olsen has received a grant to study a Master’s in Sociology at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.