Ivalo & Minik Fonden seeks grant recipients

Are you keen on  studying  at a foreign university? Or maybe go on an internship in an international organization? Them it might be a good idea to apply for a grant at Ivalo & Minik Fonden.

Ivalo & Minik Fonden is a Greenlandic Education Foundation named after the royal twins, His Royal Highness Prince Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander and Her Royal Highness Princess Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda.

The Foundation was established by NunaFonden in 2012 and is now ready to award grants to Greenlanders who want to take a further education or a continuing education training including an internship in another country than Denmark and Greenland.

“I am really looking forward to assess the applications received,” says Minik Rosing, who is chairman of the board of Ivalo & Minik Fonden. He continues:

“I hope and believe that we will receive many well-qualified and well motivated applications.”

Think of everything
Application deadline is 15 February 2014. Grants will be awarded, so it is possible to begin the education or the internship in the early fall of 2014.

“It is important to think of everything when applying. It is not always enough to apply for the fee for the foreign university. You should also think about travel costs, accommodation costs, living expenses and so on. Therefore it’s important to have all that in mind while writing the application,” says Minik Rosing.

Applicationform and other requirements can be found on our website www.imf.gl.

Ivalo & Minik Fonden has so far received donations from Royal Arctic Line A / S, Royal Greenland A / S, GrønlandsBANKENs Erhvervsfond and NunaFonden.